‘Wetter than an otter’s pocket’ springs to mind. The classic British Summer Time in full swing – blisteringly hot when you need to do anything related to real life, then as soon as you intend to spend the day walking round Bicester Heritage’s ex-RAF base for Luftgekühlt’s first overseas trip, it rains.

It didn’t stop a good turn out though. And some stellar machinery. I’m still debating whether the 550 RS Spyder at the top of this post, or the slammed pink 964 below we’re the standout cars of the show for me – even the Singer Mule, the multicoloured Paul Smith x Sports Purpose 911 or the ex-Kremer Jägermeister 934 RSR Turbo Group 4 couldn’t come close – and that’s some stiff competition.

If this is the first of many, or only trip to the UK for Luftgekühlt it was a great one – something for everyone, chilled atmosphere, good beer, great cars… Rain.

Until next time Bicester.

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