MMA fighter pinned to the fencing

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Market Mayhem in Caernarfon. Shot this with Rick (someone I’ve known for longer than I actually remember) – so the rest of the images from that night will be on his site in due course – these are only a select few that I took during the evenings 23 rounds covering Boxing, MMA and Grappling.

cinematic light

All of these were shot with a 35mm and an 85mm. Found it much easier carrying around my tiny x100f (with the exceptional 23mm f/2) and my 6D with a (new to me) 85mm f/1.8, than lugging around my normal gear for an event. Probably something I’m going to do more of in the future as it makes you really concentrate on your composition, rather than changing to a different setup. Its also lighter. Bonus.

Both cameras were cranked to 3,200 iso. The Fuji is astonishingly good when it comes to low light performance, I’ve shot everything up to 52,000 iso on it and they’re all completely usable files with a little love in post; and now Adobe Lightroom seems to be playing nicely with the RAF files, it’s a breeze to edit them (unlike the X-Pro1 & 2, which created amazing photos, but painful to edit in LR). Although on this occasion I didn’t do anything to reduce the noise for the Fuji as it adds a little bit of a cinematic feel to everything. On the other hand I was shocked (and delighted) that the now archaic 6D & 85mm combo can still keep up with newer sensors and autofocus technology.

These aren’t sports cameras in any way, shape, or form, but with a bit of forward planning, an itchy trigger finger, spare memory cards, and anticipating movements means you can fumble your way to getting decent shots.

cinematic back lit

During the off season I’m always playing with Lightroom – either tweaking my base preset (used for 99% of every car photo I take), or playing with other looks and grades. Been working on and off on a Cinestill inspired look for a long time (I’ve got a roll of it somewhere for the Leica, just need to find a decent static event inside to shoot it at, or go to Akihabara at night…) – this being obviously the perfect time to whip the look out for a field test – as the light wasn’t perfect, but perfect for the look I was going for at the same time.

boxer not impressed with punch

The lighting set up was made up of two B&Q work lamps taped to the 1st floor mezzanine, which had really strong fall off, anything in the middle of the ring looked awful (if you see any clipped highlights or dodgy skin tones, that’s the lights), but on the very fringes of the ring it was spot on.

mma fighters grappling on the floor chris from pma watching his fighter round house kick mma fighters grappling on the floor mma market mayhem caernarfon black and white out of focus long exposure panning shot of boxersmma fighters grappling on the floor mma pma fans reactions mma fighters close up fighters pinch punch its the first of the month jumping over felled aponenet black and white mma fight long exposure blurred fightersmma officials bathed in cinematic light

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