First time wielding a camera in anger for more than four months. So rusty is an understatement. Great turn out and finally met some of the people behind the pictures on Instagram (here, here and here) – other social networks are available.

Would have thought that around two months of lax exercise and a (mostly) carb based diet would have had some consequences on energy levels – in the end it wasn’t anything to worry about. Sunday Scramble is always a moving static show, the excitement of turning a corner and seeing something new, where it wasn’t before always makes up for me forgetting to get anything more than a pint from Wriggly Monkey Brewery for lunch (that, and no way am I queueing for anything when the lines are 20 deep).

There were a couple of hints thrown down on the Bicester Heritage Instagram leading up to the event that something special (that looked suspiciously like a mid 90s Formula One car) was going to be in attendance – and after missing out on seeing the Adrian Newey designed Leyton House at last years season opener, I wasn’t going to miss this. Thought I might as well get up as early as possible, get there before you’re actually allowed in and see IF I could be one of the first ones in and get a few pictures before the throngs of aimlessly meandering people made it impossible to capture a clean shot.

Made it, power walked the the MT Yard, turned the corner and there was Jacques Viellneueve’s 97 Championship winning Williams FW19. Made the day for me. Everything else was icing on the cake, even if it was another event of Porsche overload (more on that in another post).


Jacques Villeneuve’s FW19


Xk140 anyone?


These two wanted me to sell everything and buy a half built Alfa Junior 1300, and internally debate whether keeping the original 4 cylinder or slap an f20c in for shits and giggles.


Still amazing how much detail you can eke out of modern cameras. Even if it’s a 6 year old beater. The RSR isn’t bad either.


Bought a half decent hefty ND filter to play with, not disappointed. Been experimenting with a very cheap perspex set of square filters. The colour-shift was horrendous, leading to either hours of post to get the colours almost right – or just completely unusable shots. Picked up a decent Cokin Nuances 10stop ND over the festive period, safe to say there’s no colour shift at all. Just have to get my exposure game up-to-scratch rather than rely on mental maths and counting 1/3 stop clicks in my head.


The moments of light bleeding through an otherwise overcast day make everything worthwhile. On the flip side, overcast leads to nice diffused light – not dramatic, just even.


Turd Gold 911 anyone?


This 10 litre, aircraft engined BF 5520 Fafnir Hall Scott Speciall, dating from 1914 always makes me smile.




Bokeh is never over-rated. Just use it in the right time and place.


There’s something satisfying about a peachy rear. Even if it is another %^&*ing Porsche.


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